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Who We Are


The Principals

Don Burgess

Mr. Burgess is a licensed general contractor and is President of Don Burgess Construction Corporation. He has been contracting mainly in the Fresno area for forty years and has been developing income properties for over thirty-five years.

Marvin L. Smith

Mr. Smith is a real estate broker with over thirty five years experience in the real estate business in Fresno. He has spent the last thirty years exclusively in the development business with a primary emphasis on project development management. He has been involved in the following community organizations:

  • Planning Commission - City of Fresno - Chairman for 4 years, 6 1/2 years total
  • Grand Jury - County of Fresno
  • FEMA Board - County of Fresno - Current Chairman
  • Fig Garden Swim & Racquet Club - Past President
  • Povarello House - Board of Directors, Past President
  • St. Agnes Medical Center - Foundation Board, Vice Chairman
  • USC Club of Central California - Past President

NOTE - Don Burgess and Marvin Smith were both born and raised in Fresno and are both active in the community. Burgess/Smith also manages existing income properties for a variety of clients, as well as its own properties.

It's What We Do

Burgess Smith Development Group is more than just a company who develops and redevelops retail and mixed-use real estate. We are an amazing team of individuals who constantly strive to make a difference in our community; to explore our own unique talents; and to reach for the extraordinary.

Relationships Drive Our Business

Burgess Smith was founded by two men sharing a passion and a vision to create an environment of dedication and integrity. A unique place where a team could come together to explore their individual talents while positively impacting communities and lives.

Through these shared accomplishments and combined efforts, extraordinary relationships are developed both internally and externally. We consider relationships our core business.

Integrity. Honesty. Longevity.

This has become our defining phrase since our company's inception in 1979. Our passion and commitment to developing, redeveloping, and investing in local real estate has allowed us to overcome obstacles and achieve success where others might see barriers. It is this commitment to the Central San Joaquin Valley and our awareness of the local business environment that has allowed Burgess-Smith Development Group long-term growth and the ability to provide opportunity to our clientele. We have grown from one modestly-sized shopping center to a profitable portfolio encompassing over 4 million square feet in shopping centers located in key markets across the region.

Joy in Extraordinary Achievements

Whether pursuing acquisitions, rehabs, or re-tenanting of a challenged development, Burgess Smith can often provide it's clientele with successful, sustainable solutions. We've demonstrated a unique ability to evaluate and execute where few are able. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Acquisition/Dispositions
  • Financing
  • Development
  • Leasing
  • Entitlements
  • Asset Management

As a full-service provider, we are able to respond to the ever changing conditions of the retail and mixed-use real estate market swiftly and proficiently.

Burgess Construction

Burgess-Smith Commercial Property Management - a Division of Burgess/Smith Development Group

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