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Burgess Construction recognizes that a successful project requires all team members to work together to achieve the client's goals.  Our own approach to each project is to provide leadership within the Project Team to accomplish the common goal.  Our leadership is demonstrated by Burgess Construction's:

  • Experienced and dedicated staff
  • Approach to partnership with client
  • Commitment to working with the Architects and Engineers to deliver a high quality project
  • Commitment to working with the best subcontractors who share our philosophy

Burgess Construction's satisfaction is realized by fostering these partnerships that ultimately deliver a first-class, quality project.

Corporate Mission

Burgess Construction's mission is to provide superior construction allowing the client to meet its goals on each individual project.  Successful management of the project means:

  • Completion on schedule
  • Cost-effective financial management
  • Delivery of a high-quality project
  • Performance in a way that earns the respect of the Project Team

Once a client has achieved its goals, then Burgess Construction has fulfilled its mission.


Burgess Construction was founded in 1973.  During the first year, Burgess Construction established itself as a premier general contractor in the Fresno community.   The combination of outstanding leadership, experienced personnel and solid financial management has contributed to Burgess Construction's success.  Burgess Construction is especially proud of the following:

  • Annual volume of $25million
  • Negotiated 50% of contract sales volume
  • Repeat clients represent 80% of our work
  • Company personnel volunteer their time to support community projects

Burgess Construction is a licenced contractor registered in the state of California.  The principal office of the firm is located in Fresno, California.  Burgess Construction is licensed to perform general contracting work throughout the state of California.

Burgess Construction is led by Don Burgess, who brings over 40 years of experience in commercial construction.  His active involvement in our projects demonstrates Burgess Construction's commitment to its corporate mission.

Tenant Improvement

Our Tenant Improvement Management team offers expertise in all phases of construction and renovation. The Tenant Improvement Management team incorporates an extensive range of services for each client, which includes a long-term commitment to quality and customized programs. From the pre-design stage through the construction process, Burgess/Smith will serve as client's communication center constantly monitoring the flow of the entire project. This continual overview allows us to respond to challenges immediately so our commitment to effective management insures that our client's time and money is utilized efficiently.

The team has extensive experience in contract negotiations and competitive bidding procedures insuring the lowest possible costs. We develop a clear understanding of the client's needs as well as a review of the design documents, extensive onsite inspection of the prospective building and development of a specific scope of work. By mediating and coordinating the many facets of the process, we insulate the client from the aggravations that are inherent to all phases of construction.

Burgess/Smith incorporates a long-term commitment to quality and customized programs to meet each client's specific needs.

Burgess Construction

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